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We are the ambassadors of sustainable toilet solutions.
We want to raise environmental awareness and give a push to the circular economy.
KAKIS - the next generation toilets

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KAKIS is an off-grid toilet and can be positioned everywhere. It is suitable for parks, campsites, festivals, urban gardens, protected natural and urban areas. Our system can be convinient also in the case of natural disasters and in the undeveloped countries.


The worldwide market of portable toilets is growing on average 3% per year. The market is changing very fast. Soon or later, chemical toilets will have to be changed. Customers, as festival organizers and municipalities, demands sustainable and nature-friendly solutions. The end user is more and more demanding and wants better user experience.


Implementing circular economy principles, the system processes the waste into valuable resources.

Our solution is based on a composting system. We designed a mobile composting bin that separates urine and feces. Both are treated with different processes in a natural way. The end products are biomass for heating, fertilizers, and water.

We are designing an IoT solution for the composting bin to improve the time and costs of logistics and waste management.

The unit is easy and fast to assemble/dissemble with just one person in 15 minutes. Due to that is easy to transport and needs low storage space.

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