Cookies policy on the web page:

The site operator and all data related to it are:

Company name: KAKIS d.o.o.

Address: Cevljarska 27

Postal and town: 6000 Koper

E-mail address:

Contact telephone number: +386 40 159 544

You can read more about the handling of personal and other users’ data in the legal terms that are available on the website.

Types of cookies, their purpose and duration:

Cookies are small files that we upload to your computer. The site uses cookies, which are defined below: 

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The operator shall provide notice without consent insofar as he uses these cookies:

1. Cookies required exclusively for the transmission of the message via the electronic communications network and

2. Cookies that are strictly necessary to provide an information society service that the subscriber or user explicitly requests.

The operator provides a notice with the user’s consent in all other cases and informs the user accordingly about the options for setting cookies. The operator without the express consent does not use cookies that require the user’s permission to install. The operator provides the possibility of subsequent modification of the user’s consent by keeping the notice in a prominent place on the website.