KAKIS auto

We have developed an outdoor toilet solution that offers a relaxing atmosphere and an experience that you won’t forget! Our product offers a sustainable and zero waste sanitation solution, that does not use water or chemicals and it does not smell.



KAKIS auto is an off-grid toilet and can be put everywhere. It is suitable for parks, campsites, festivals, urban gardens, protected and urban areas. Our system can be applicable also in the case of natural disasters and in the undeveloped countries.



Implementing circular economy principles, the system processes the waste into valuable resources.

Our solution is based on a composting system. We designed a mobile composting bin that collects urine and feces separately. Solids are composted, while urine is cleaned from pathogens. After the process you get high-quality compost, fertilizer or biomass.




Our customers praised the absence of bad odors, pleasant microclimate and useful architectural design. As the first in the market, we want to change our surroundings and target a large market share in the EU and at global level.