Dinara – naša nova študentka na praksi

Hello everyone! My name is Dinara. I came from Finland where I am studying the Environmental Engineering in XAMK University (Mikkeli, Finland). Originally, I am from Kazakhstan.
When I was in secondary school I began to be interested in ecology and construction. Later, I decided to be an architect of sustainable buildings. I knew that educational program dedicated to environment conservation is quite worthless in Kazakhstan and that is why I’ve decided to apply to Finnish university. Now a am happy with my choice. I am getting more and more useful knowledge and experience in the field of study. Two month ago, I understood that the time for applying my knowledge on practice has come. I found a lot of possibilities to have a practical training across the Europe, but almost all of them seemed too boring because all tasks were connected to the documentation. Finally, I found the internship offer from Kakis startup. I’ve decided to apply because I knew that startups are created by people who are highly motivated by the aim of the project and it would be interesting and exciting to work with them. Moreover, the aim of Kakis startup is the same as mine – to make the world more sustainable.
Now I am the part of Kakis team. I take the role of technical assistant which is very interesting for me and allows me to apply my knowledge on the practice. I am going to help team to improve the composting system of the toilet and to create a model of a new concept.
What else I can tell about myself?
As I mentioned, my aim is to make world more sustainable. I am studying hard to reach this aim. During my free time I like to skate on the longboard, drawing strange pictures and have a dinner or maybe a drink with my boyfriend and friends. I like travelling (who is not?), especially by hitchhiking. In summer 2015 I visited around 13 countries in one month with the help of kind people who picked me on the road.
I hope that during the internship I will gain a lot of knowledge and experience which will help me in the future. Also, I will try to do my best to be successful member of Kakis team.